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All the courses, LIVE sessions, facebook support plus tons of extra sections like nutrition, training and behaviour! All for ONLY £15.99 per month

What to Expect

Welcome to an educational, dog training experience with a difference! 
No pressure, no unrealistic expectations, no comparisons.
Just a supportive, warm and fun community that embraces all of our and our dogs differences. 

 With a monthly subscription, you will not only gain knowledge from 3 highly qualified canine geeks, but also be part of a passionate dog loving community. Webinars, Training videos, Live classes and Q and A's at least 3 times every weeks. With loads of courses available as part of your subscription. 

Or if you dont want to commit, just look at our one off payment courses. Courses that dont just give you videos promising unrealistic quick fixes. But content that helps you to understand why things are happening, how to put management in place to prevent frustraton and then teach you some awesome skills to share with your dog.

Happy Dogs and people are well behaved Dogs and people. 

The Dog Geeks Subscription

 "The dog geeks are amazing in every direction. I have worked through some of the courses and they are informative, helpful and easy to follow. The group that supports the courses are always there for extra help and advice. Everyone is so caring and has humans and dogs at their core. They want to educate not punish and will do all they can to help. Even when losing a dog through difficult circumstances the support is second to none. I will not be going anywhere else for help with my fury babies"

Michelle Paintain

 "I am a big fan of The Dog Geeks. They are well qualifed & experienced and they are all about making a great relationship between you & your animals. Its a really supportive environment for everyone. The monthly subscription is well worth the money, considering the amount of information available, which you can catch up with when you like: courses, webinars, videos etc. And lots of interaction, including the chance to work on your specific issues. A great resource! Thank you, Geeks, for doing such a great job!"

Nicola Franklin

 "The Dog Geeks are providing a fantastic hive of information which is suitable for EVERYONE.
 If you need help, to brush up on your skills, or just love to learn all things dog….. i would highly recommend The Dog Geeks.
where the love for dogs knows no bounds" 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ali Greenwood
Founder and manager of BeKind rescue

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The Dog Geeks

£15.99 per month


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  • An interactive online platform supporting you to be the best you can be for your dog. Run by 3 qualified, passionate Dog Geeks.

    • Geek Talks: Live and recorded chats between our 3 Geeks
    • Guest Speakers from all parts of the canine industry
    • Video Tutorials
    • Monthly Q and A Evenings
    • Feedback on your own training videos
    • Articles and Blogs
    • Webinars
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